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Sales & Marketing

Epiphany Property shares very simple philosophies with all of our clients:-

  • You do not need to have weekly home opens to the public - there is no guarantee that your property will sell because of this and you will more than likely end up with a massive media bill if you do
  • There is no need to appoint the "local agent " anymore as we all have the same information on recent sales and listings as and when they occur.
  • The INTERNET has been the local shopfront window for years now
  • You do need to rely heavily upon the internet sites for your real traffic
  • All agents have mobile phones and internet access at their fingertips so we feel that business can be conducted anywhere - even on the bonnet of the car if need be!
  • We will come to you when you need us to instead of you coming to us - although our offices in Subiaco are very nice!
  • We will offer you whatever marketing you wish and explain the pros and cons of each medium, not just take your $$$ to benefit our agency/rep name for future business
  • We do not uusualy conduct home opens to ensure that we collect more prospective business from there; we qualify people before we bring them to your door and give them as MUCH time as they need (not fitting them in between half hour home opens)
  • People do feel more relaxed in a private one-on-one private inspection service and not rushed
  • If the buyers have made the call, then they are interested; not tyre kickers doing the rounds
  • Houses sell themselves - we will ensure that you are ready before we offer your home so it's presentation is as good as it gets
  • We WILL endeavour to get the correct pricing right with your input, however, if we cannot agree at that point then we will gladly step away and not be of any detriment to your campaign
  • If you want the NORMAL marketing service then you will receive it but there are many ways to get the same result which will be explained
  • Buyers are out there still - we know because we work within ALL areas. Things ARE moving
  • We offer what we do because you need something refreshingly do we
  • Who are we?  Google Annie Rodway and find out....sellling within Western Suburbs - and beyond - since 2000
  • We are a husband and wife team who understand families needs and wants having been through all of that ourselves

Call us today and really see what the difference can be even before you sign up with another agency - we have sellers in all areas extremely satisfied that we have reached premium dollar for them in a "down market", in a realistic timeframe (one was just 27 days) and not having been the local agent.

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