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Your Epiphany
Epiphany is changing the property market in the Western Suburbs....and beyond.
And it’s about time.
Imagine a new way to sell your property that offers brilliant value, a smooth process and fair play.
Our desire for relationships based on trust and transparency is realised at every opportunity and our entire process is simple and balanced.
The real changes we are making translate to genuine benefits and increased value for you.
Our key difference is value.
The standard real estate industry process heavily favours the agent. At Epiphany we return control to the seller and work harder to earn our fee.
We want you to know that you do not have to conduct your selling process as per the "norm" like every other seller. There is a choice...
Our process is simple yet revolutionary. As and when required, we pay for a licensed independent valuation of your home and combine this with our experience and your expectations to establish and agreed selling price. Our competitive fee is set on any price we achieve up to the “agree market value”, with a 10% incentive on every dollar we achieve above that price.
If it is decided to accept a price below the “agreed value”, we will halve our fee.
We have a real incentive to achieve your highest price and receive no bonus unless we do.
We are proud of this beautifully simple concept that represents a radical departure from standard practice.
Epiphany is changing property sales to give you better value;
·         A direct incentive to work as hard as possible and achieve the best possible price.
·         Epiphany assumes all financial risk on the sale of your property.
·         Sales under the “agreed selling price” are not charged full commission.
·         An independent valuation of your property, as required.
·         No charge to market your property.
·         No public home opens unless you request it, only private viewings for genuine prospects.
·         A guaranteed fair conjunctional arrangement offered to all agents from day one to achieve swift sales and excellent prices.

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